Want to join our team? We want to hear from you! Check out the available positions for the 2019 Mosquers Board and drop us a line via the application form below!  

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Subcommittee members will work with our Directors on their individual portfolios.  While these members meet less frequently (one full board meeting a month, and separate portfolio meetings as needed), they are no less important than any other position on the Mosquers and still require substantial involvement and commitment.

Global Ambassadors

Not from Edmonton? Looking to support local filmmakers? Join our team as a Global Ambassador! We’re looking for enthusiastic ambassador’s that believe in our mission of providing a platform to showcase the talents of Muslim filmmakers and dispel any misconceptions and stereotypes about Muslims and Islam through film. Global Ambassador’s work alongside our Chair in creating outreach efforts that are aimed towards your local community.

Outreach efforts include:

  • Connecting with local filmmakers

  • Partnering with local organizations that share the same message as the Mosquers

  • Marketing/Advertising

  • Coordinating/Attending local events on behalf of The Mosquers

  • Looking for local sponsorships/partnerships that support our mission

  • Connecting and collaborating with local influencers

As a Global Ambassador, it is important to have excellent communication skills and a desire to network/meet new people. You are the face of Mosquers!



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