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Although our application deadline is officially closed, if you'd like to get involved with Mosquers, contact narmeen@themosquers.com



Directors will be in charge of leading individual portfolios along with carrying out more strategic decisions for the Mosquers. These members will meet more often through out the year, as well as arrange meetings amongst their portfolios as needed.  This is a heavy time commitment position best served by those who are deeply passionate about the vision and mission of the Mosquers.

Festival Director

As Festival Director, you will partake in all the high-level decision making and strategic planning for the Mosquers Awards Show. You will establish the vision of the event night and then take that vision and make it into a reality. As Festival Director, you will provide leadership in the event planning and coordination of all the details. This includes finding the event venue, entertainer(s), theme, and decor, and managing all the contracts and negotiations involved in these matters. Your portfolio will include one coordinator to help with these tasks. If you are motivated, creative, and detail-oriented, apply to be the Festival Director today!!!

Submissions Director

The most important component for any film festival is the films! As the Submissions Director, your role will be to source as many high calibre short film submissions as possible. Communication is key! You will be the primary liaison on the board for all filmmakers, and you will communicate important information about guidelines, criteria, deadlines, etc. to filmmakers and prospective submitters. You will seek to find new, up-and-coming filmmakers as well as seasoned pros to submit their most recent work to the Mosquers Film Festival, ensuring that all submissions align with the mission and vision of the Festival. You will also be responsible for putting together the selection committee that decides the finalist films to be shown at the Mosquers Award Show, as well as the panel of judges who will pick the winners for each award category! For this reason, the Submissions Director may not submit a film to the Mosquers Film Festival.


Subcommittee members will work with our Directors on their individual portfolios.  While these members meet less frequently (one full board meeting a month, and separate portfolio meetings as needed), they are no less important than any other position on the Mosquers and still require substantial involvement and commitment.

Main Event Coordinator

The Mosquers Film Festival Awards night is the reason we are all here! Working closely with the Festival Director, it will be your job to ensure smooth coordination of the Event Night. You will also be working closely with other board members and patrons to coordinate details of the event such as booking an entertainer/host(s), securing awards and trophies, facility layout and set up, coordination of the event program on the night of (you get to wear a headset - cool guy emoji) and other event logistics.

External Events Coordinator

Is your favorite part about a movie the Popcorn?  This may be the role for you. Working with our External Events Director, you will be responsible for all aspects of our official after-event, “Popcorn!”.  This is a unique opportunity for us to show off the further creative talents of our community and for guests of the main Film Festival to interact, exchange ideas, and discuss the phenomenal films they’ve just watched! Specific responsibilities, under the guidance of the External Events Director, include:

  • Sourcing a venue for Popcorn

  • Coordinating any catering required

  • Curating a list of creative individuals who could partake in the event

  • Managing the ticketing and entry

  • Creating a unique theme and social mixers for the event

Technical Production Coordinator

From the big screen to the small screen, digital media is the centerpoint of a successful film festival! As Technical Production Coordinator, you will work with the Technical Production Director to manage, plan, and execute all things related to digital media production. Your primary focus as a team will be to assist the Marketing Portfolio in producing high quality video content throughout the year, as well as compiling and creating the final film reel for the Mosquers Award Show. Prior experience in videography production and post-production is an asset, but not required! The ideal candidate should have some grasp on technical skills or should be able to quickly acquire skills on the fly, and above all else should possess creative and innovative ideas for producing digital media content!

Social Media Coordinator

We are looking for a talented Social media coordinator to create and maintain a strong online presence for The Mosquers Film Festival. Your role is to maximize the organization’s positive use of social media to build its image. Managing a Twitter feed, a Facebook page and the Mosquers Instagram account are all vital ways to connect with possible new submitters and audiences. Monitoring public comments and communications about the organization on the internet will also be managed by the coordinator. If you are a tech-savvy professional with an interest in communicating with clients through online channels, we would like to meet you.

As a Social media coordinator, you will develop original content and suggest creative ways to attract more customers and promote our festival. Ultimately, you should be able to increase web traffic and customer engagement metrics aligned with broader marketing strategies.

Design Coordinator

We’re looking for a talented Graphic Designer to create unique and innovative designs for our film festival. Duties will include creating designs that represent our brand & identity very well, creating posters, flyers, etc; for print and digital. As a Design Coordinator, you’ll be working closely with our Social Media Coordinator along with the Director to create a marketing calendar and work on the marketing strategy for the year. You’ll be helping us elevate our festival through your creative designs.

Partnerships Coordinator

AKA the “Rainmaker”.  

More than 50% of our total revenue comes from partnerships with local, national, and international corporations that see us as a unique advertising opportunity, or who want to support our initiatives.  The Partnerships Coordinator will be focused on renewing and growing our existing partnerships while simultaneously seeking new partners for the Mosquers. They will also try to source and successfully apply for grants that we may be eligible for as well aid in minimal day to day accounting related tasks. This role will allow you the opportunity to experience both the finance and partnerships aspect of the Mosquers.

Without you, there’s no us.

Public Relations Coordinator

General duties of Outreach Coordinators include assisting the Outreach Director in building and maintaining strategic partnerships with local stakeholders and community organizations. This is done through maintaining a calendar of local events to support, discussing the Mosquers with key members of our community in an effort to mobilize the community for ticket sales, and collaborating with partners to find avenues to build a mutually beneficial relationship. These roles are best suited for self-motivated individuals, since the tasks are not milestone based.

The Public Relations Coordinator is our liaison with external media and special guests. You will answer questions from media outlets, arrange for interviews with key individuals within our organization, and write press releases to make the media aware of our achievements. It will be your responsibility to keep the general public updated regarding our event, via various avenues of media coverage. These could include, newspaper articles, radio talk shows, and television morning shows. You will also have the opportunity to connect with notable members of our community, as you compile the special guests lists for the Film Festival, and encourage dignitaries to attend.

Campus Outreach Coordinator

General duties of Outreach Coordinators include assisting the Outreach Director in building and maintaining strategic partnerships with local stakeholders and community organizations. This is done through maintaining a calendar of local events to support, discussing the Mosquers with key members of our community in an effort to mobilize the community for ticket sales, and collaborating with partners to find avenues to build a mutually beneficial relationship. These roles are best suited for self-motivated individuals, since the tasks are not milestone based.

The Campus Outreach Coordinator will be a student at a post-secondary campus in Edmonton who plans to return as a student in Fall 2019. The individual will engage in students at your campus as well as other campuses in Edmonton regarding The Mosquers Film Festival. Campus Ambassadors report to the Outreach Director, helping craft a campus communication strategy for student outreach.

Board Coordinator

Are you the most organized person you know?  ...Are you at least pretty well organized and excited at the opportunity of joining the Mosquers in a very unique position??  If you answered yes to either of those questions, we’d love for you to consider the Board Coordinator position. This new member of our team will work directly with the chair to administer and oversee all Board functions.  This includes:

  • Assisting in running meetings (both Director and full Board meetings), including minute taking and time-keeping

  • Setting up venues for meetings and other internal functions

  • Ensuring task management tools are being utilized and portfolio objectives are being met (Action Trackers)

  • Assisting the Chair with certain administrative tasks

  • Managing the ticketing for the event, keeping track of attendees and assisting with the organization of ticket sales

  • Helping to organize all the printing that needs to be done for the event, as well as printing for any promo materials that we may need throughout the year

The Board Coordinator will be a vital member of our team and will be the Coordinator with the most exposure to the inner workings of the organization.  While they will not have the voting rights of a Director, they will still be expected to attend all Director meetings.

Global Ambassadors

Not from Edmonton? Looking to support local filmmakers? Join our team as a Global Ambassador! We’re looking for enthusiastic ambassador’s that believe in our mission of providing a platform to showcase the talents of Muslim filmmakers and dispel any misconceptions and stereotypes about Muslims and Islam through film. Global Ambassador’s work alongside our Chair in creating outreach efforts that are aimed towards your local community.

Outreach efforts include:

  • Connecting with local filmmakers

  • Partnering with local organizations that share the same message as the Mosquers

  • Marketing/Advertising

  • Coordinating/Attending local events on behalf of The Mosquers

  • Looking for local sponsorships/partnerships that support our mission

  • Connecting and collaborating with local influencers

As a Global Ambassador, it is important to have excellent communication skills and a desire to network/meet new people. You are the face of Mosquers!



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