What is The Mosquers

The Mosquers is a film festival that aims to educate, entertain and build bridges through showcasing the diverse Muslim experience. Year after year, the festival pursues new ways to introduce both Muslims and non-Muslims to the most original and authentic storytelling. It attracts talent from across Canada and the United States. Join us for our Annual Screening and Awards Night in Edmonton, Canada.

Do I have to be Muslim to submit?

           No! Anyone can submit to the Mosquers film festival, please see our submission package for more information.

Do I need expensive filming equipment?

Not necessarily. While many of our filmmakers have switched to Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras (DSLR), many continue to use traditional video cameras. There are plenty of options, both with their own advantages and disadvantages. For questions regarding what equipment to use and questions on filming, please email Faraz@themosquers.com

How do I submit my film?

Read the 2016 Submissions Package. Then fill out a registration form at www.themosquers.com/submit and start shooting! When your video is complete, send an email to Faraz@themosquers.com for instructions on sending the file. *Please carefully read the submission package for information on submission, requirements, formats, rules, etc before starting to film.

When is the Mosquers 2017 Event?

The Details for the 2017 Mosquers Film Festival will be annouced soon

Is there a fee to submit?

            In an effort to make the Mosquers available to everyone, there is no fee to participate

How will I know if my film will be shown?

After your film is submitted, it will be screened by our Mosquers Selection Committee (MSC) and you will be notified if it becomes a finalist on TBA

What are the awards?

            There are four (4) awards. Please see here for more information

Who judges the films?

There will be an independent panel of judges who screen and judge each film prior to the awards night

Who screens the films?

The Mosquers Selection Committee (MSC) which is a separate entity from the Mosquers Film Festival will screen and review each film

Can board members submit?

Yes! What makes our team so diverse is we have members who regularly submit and are able to provide feedback as filmmakers. They are not however, allowed to participate in any function related to screening, judging, selection, rules, or any discussion around films submitted.

Can anyone become a partner of the Mosquers?

Absolutely, we look forward to working with all businesses, please click here for more details on becoming a partner in 2016 [link]

Who are the Mosquers partners?


How can I sponsor the Mosquers


What format should my film be?

Your format should follow these guidelines set in the Submissions Package, however exceptions can be made. The overall objective is to have the highest quality in both video and sound

How much are tickets?

            Tickets are $25 CAD General Admission.

What is the submission process?

It’s quite simple. You read our submission package, register online, and start shooting your film. Once it's complete, it will be screened and you will be notified if it becomes a finalist for screening at the event.

What happens at the event?

The Mosquers consists of a red carpet event, live entertainment, premiering of the films, door prizes, awards, media interviews and a post event party (tickets sold separately)


Is it a family event?

The Mosquers has always aimed to provide education and entertainment for the whole family. However, while we maintain a 14A rating for all films, we cannot guarantee that a film will not portray a message some viewers find controversial or unsuitable for their children. It is advised not to bring children under the age of 14.

What are the movies rated?

The movies are rated 14A  - Suitable for viewing by persons 14 years of age or older. Persons under 14 must be accompanied by an adult. May contain violence, coarse language, and/or sexually suggestive scenes.

Who runs the Mosquers?

The Mosquers is made up of a group of friends who wanted to change the worlds view on Muslims and showcase the talented filmmakers among us. See our bio page here.

How can I be a part of the Mosquers?

If you’re interested in becoming a Mosquers team member, please email us at Fatima@themosquers.com

How can i get in touch?

We can be reached via our Facebook page, our website, or by calling or text 780-964-9617

What are the selection criteria for the films?

            See here for our complete guide [link]

Where can i watch previous films?

            Via our Youtube page

Where can i watch media interviews?

            Via our website.