2017 Live Performance


Zeshan QURESHI | Shawn Kanungo

Zeshan Qureshi and Shawn Kanungo are two Edmontonians passionate about creativity, film and technology. The two friends were part of the popular sketch group, Nelson Spooner Productions. Zeshan and Shawn also starred in some of the Mosquers' best comedic films, "Samir's 30 Days", "The Mix-Up", "Almost Heroes" and a memorable cameo in "The Convert". They were also finalists in the Edmonton's International Film Fest. They have since transitioned their love for design, film and technology into the business world. The Mosquers is proud to have them this year as the official host of the 2017 Festival!


jeremy mclellan

Comedian | media activism

Jeremy McLellan is an American stand-up comedian based in Charleston, South Carolina. He has been named as one of the ″New Faces of Comedy″ by Just for Laughs.

He has performed at Islamic events such as McSA’s Discover Islam Week in the McCormick Foundation Center Chicago and the events of Muslim Students' Association and Council on American–Islamic Relations. In July 2017, he performed at Just for Laughs International Comedy Festival in Montreal, Canada where he was dubbed as one of the ″New Faces of Comedy″. McLellan will speak at TED conference TEDxCharleston in October 2017.

The Mosquers is proud to present Jeremy as the feature comedian for the 2017 Festival!



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